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OncoLens Virtual Tumor Board platform connects the best minds, therapies, and innovations in cancer care – in time to make a difference

June 2, 2023

OncoLens and SARC Strategic Partnership Drives Nationwide Initiative for Enhanced Sarcoma Patient Care

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) JUNE 02, 2023 — Underscoring their commitment to revolutionizing cancer care, OncoLens and the Sarcoma Alliance for Research Through Collaboration (SARC) are joining forces to introduce a nationwide, virtual sarcoma tumor board, providing unprecedented access to expert-led care for this rare form of cancer.

OncoLens and the Sarcoma Alliance for Research Through Collaboration (SARC) are thrilled to launch a nationwide virtual sarcoma tumor board program as part of a strategic partnership to enhance patient care. This initiative is particularly impactful for providers and patients facing limited resources while tackling sarcoma—a rare and complex form of cancer. The OncoLens Virtual Tumor Board platform will grant medical professionals across the country access to the invaluable insights of top sarcoma experts.

In the increasingly intricate landscape of cancer care, the collective knowledge of experienced clinicians is vital for making informed decisions about patient treatment. And in the case of sarcoma, the input of multiple expert clinicians is more critical than ever to ensure access and education for the physicians and surgeons treating patients on the front lines. This partnership empowers SARC with the OncoLens platform— a powerful tool that unites experts and facilitates robust virtual discussions on complex cases.

“We are excited about our partnership with OncoLens and the SARC Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Board,” said Dr. Scott Okuno, SARC’s chief medical officer and professor of oncology at Mayo Clinic, “as this allows all sarcoma providers, regardless of whether they are practicing in a small, geographically remote center or a major center, to get opinions on how to treat and manage all types of bone and soft tissue sarcoma from experts in the sarcoma field.”

The SARC Multidisciplinary Tumor Board (SMTB) brings together sarcoma experts, complementing the reach of local or regional tumor boards and providing a specialized platform for rigorous discussion of sarcoma patient cases pre- or post-diagnosis, surgery, or relapse. The SMTB provides a uniquely focused forum for physicians and surgeons to present sarcoma patient cases for in-depth, evidence-based discussion of tumor diagnosis and for managing a diverse patient population.

“In 2023 SARC proudly celebrates our twentieth year facilitating and driving team science,” said Steven Young, president and chief executive officer of SARC, “and this partnership with OncoLens helps us extend support to the broader clinical community.”

Anju Mathew, co-founder and chief executive officer of OncoLens, emphasized the transformative potential of the partnership: “We envision a world where every cancer patient has access to the best minds, therapies, and innovations in care – in time to make a difference. Collaborating with SARC helps us actualize this vision, particularly for sarcoma, which represents nearly 20% of childhood cancers and 1% of adult cancers. We’re excited about making expert-led care accessible nationwide.”

For more information, or to submit cases for consideration, clinicians are directed to:


About OncoLens

OncoLens enables multidisciplinary cancer care across the continuum. Through a streamlined, secure HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, OncoLens drives intra-enterprise, community, and network participation in multidisciplinary care planning, tracking, and delivery. Using OncoLens, cancer care providers view a singular view of the patient including outpatient and in-patient clinical data, pathology, radiology, genomics and genetic information. They can collaborate on treatment plans, track quality for accreditation, and alignment to care pathways. As a result, health systems maximize clinical trial participation, an extended referral stream, and the creation of a center of excellence that can be leveraged to support patient care and provider education. More than 200 cancer centers and associations across the U.S. and internationally rely on OncoLens to support their cancer programs and the care delivered.

About SARC

SARC (Sarcoma Alliance for Research Through Collaboration) is a US-based, non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization dedicated to fostering progress in the prevention and treatment of sarcoma to improve patient outcomes and ultimately find a cure. SARC was formed by the sarcoma research community in 2003 to bring together the best cancer centers in the world supported by centralized infrastructure for the conduct of multi-institutional collaborative sarcoma research.

Since founding, SARC has fast-tracked and sponsored twenty-six Phase I, II and III clinical trials along with correlative studies to better understand the biologic bases for what drugs and combinations are most effective in treating sub-groups of patients, young investigator mentorship and grants programs, and the investigation of key biological questions across nearly 90 medical centers with specialized sarcoma programs in the United States and overseas. To learn more about the SARC organization, its impactful programs and innovative investigator-initiated clinical trials, and how to help support its mission, please visit the SARC website at

What Is Sarcoma?

Sarcomas are cancers of the bony skeleton (the skull, vertebrae, ribs, and extremities), and the so-called soft tissues, including muscle and fat. Sarcomas are disproportionately common in children and young adults but occur at all ages. There are many different types of sarcomas, leading to diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. SARC and our collaborators are working to advance the science and treatment of sarcomas.

June 2, 2023
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