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Disappointing Clinical Trial Accruals – The Cancer Center Perspective

September 18, 2023

Cancer centers call out these top three operational reasons behind disappointing clinical trial accrual numbers:

  1. Increasingly complex inclusion/exclusion criteria, very often with targeted biomarker testing requirements that are not standard of care. Providers who are not Principal Investigators are often unaware of these requirements resulting in insufficient testing to confirm eligibility.
  2. Poor timing in identifying eligible patients. Complex selection criteria requires more manual hours to be spent by research teams combing through medical records. This results in delayed reporting to providers, after they’ve discussed a different course of treatment with the patient, making it difficult to change course to a trial.
  3. Silos of care even within oncology service lines. Increased provider specialization results in silos where surgeons are often not aware of clinical trial options or lung cancer specialists are not aware of biomarker driven, pan cancer trial.

As a trial sponsor, you can see the impact of these challenges on your accrual numbers. OncoLens’ AI driven Patient ID and Collaboration tools enable cancer centers to overcome these challenges.

September 18, 2023
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