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Solutions for Academic Institutions
and NCI-Designated Cancer Centers

Leading Cancer Care Institutions count on OncoLens to provide next level multidisciplinary cancer care solutions.
The OncoLens platform offers unique advantages for academic cancer centers,
teaching hospitals, and the patients and communities they serve.
OncoLens’ academic customers utilize OncoLens to:
  • Collaborate across wide-reaching networks of providers and community clinic partners
  • Identify clinical trial matches for patients at Academic Institutions but also within the larger community
  • Extend their internal expertise to the community through peer-to-peer opinions
  • Standardize cancer conference discussions across disease types
  • Identify patients who can benefit from key services including CAR-T cell therapies or bone marrow transplant
Today leading institutions rely on OncoLens to drive clinical trial research,
multidisciplinary care, and affiliate network engagement.


Patients under Care in
200+ Cancer Centers


Multidisciplinary Case Discussions


Comprehensive Tumor Conferences

Customer Highlights

Customer Highlight

University of Kentucky Engages
Affiliate Network with OncoLens

  • Statewide multidisciplinary care network enhancing care coordination, support services, and availability to new treatment options
  • Increasing clinical trial access and engagement across network
  • Statewide multidisciplinary care network enhancing care coordination, support services, and availability to new treatment options
  • Increasing clinical trial access and engagement across network
Customer Highlight

Ohio State University Collaborates with OncoLens to Increase Clinical Trial Patient Referrals

  • Connecting affiliates & physician practices across the state
  • Experts join community tumor boards, share care pathways, increase referrals and refer clinical trails
  • Utilizing OncoLens Collaborate to help identify patients for clinical trials in the throughout Ohio
  • Connecting affiliates & physician practices across the state
  • Experts join community tumor boards, share care pathways, increase referrals and refer clinical trails
  • Utilizing OncoLens Collaborate to help identify patients for clinical trials in the throughout Ohio
Customer Highlight

University Medical Center Engages OncoLens
to Facilitate Clinical Trial Matching

  • Utilizing AI, OncoLens automated the patient identification process
  • OncoLens screened and identified 55 new patients for Melanoma Clinical Trial
  • OncoLens identified 70 new patient matches for NSCLC research study in a cohort of 2,600
  • Utilizing AI, OncoLens automated the patient identification process
  • OncoLens screened and identified 55 new patients for Melanoma Clinical Trial
  • OncoLens identified 70 new patient matches for NSCLC research study in a cohort of 2,600

Next Level Clinical Trial Referrals

The clinical trial matching capabilities within OncoLens are embedded directly into the native workflow. Results are presented in real-time and are based on the individual patient case. Additional dynamic sort layers help you curate a list of available trials based on your patient population, location, and preferences.
Delivers interactive, real-time search capability at the case level
As clinicians are discussing a case, the OncoLens system is providing the latest clinical trial opportunities based on search parameters, in real-time within the workflow.
Uses NLP to drive matching and eligibility
We make sense of structured and unstructured data so that clinical trials are prioritized based on the patient and the context embedded within the case.
Enables geo-location, dynamic sorting and the ability to limit results based on a desired distance
You can restrict and expand the clinical trials presented based on your preferences and the patient’s location.
Provides the ability to sort, pin, and exclude trails to ease search visibility
You can make sure that what is presented reflects your priorities and minimizes data noise.

Build Your Next Level Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Platform

Explore the OncoLens Modules
OncoLens platform offers the next level of multidisciplinary cancer care, consisting of seven integrated modules, to ensure a single source of information. Both Academic Oncology programs and NCI-Designated Cancer Centers can customize a solution that meets organizational requirements, patients’ needs and the highest levels of quality outcomes.

OncoLens Molecular

Store, search and research recommendations and pathways by biomarker alterations. Create your own searchable IP that can be shared across your network of affiliates.

OncoLens Integrate

Integrate patient data across EMR and lab systems.

OncoLens Collaborate

Real-time asynchronous collaboration across all care settings.

OncoLens Analyze and Patient Finder

Tap into your data to find new opportunities for revenue or report on your quality improvement initiatives and accreditation needs. Utilize OncoLens to track and identify patients missed along the treatment journey.

OncoLens Secure SSO

Increase ease of use and security with single-sign-on (SSO).

OncoLens Image Share

Share, store and review radiology images on a single digital platform across the network.

OncoLens Conference

Next level management of cancer conferences, multi-disciplinary team meetings and clinical decision making.
OncoLens has really helped turn our conference around. We were not getting much physician involvement, zero Radiology participation and minimal Pathology involvement (really just reading path reports). Now we have MUCH more physician involvement, we’ve gone from almost no discussion to meaningful/robust discussions. Our Radiologist remotes in and shares from PACS and our Pathology team is uploading images. We’ve come full 180 with the help of OncoLens.
Alex Siebels, Manager Radiation Oncology, Methodist Freemont Hospital – part of Nebraska Methodist Health

Get the Proof: Next Level Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

OncoLens Conference and Collaborate Immediately Improve Quality
OncoLens delivers real-time efficiency and standardization for care teams as they prepare for and conduct virtual, in-person, and hybrid cancer conferences. A comprehensive patient view including pathology, radiology and molecular testing is available to all care team members.


increase in the number of quality cases discussed per cancer conference


increase in patient access to multidisciplinary discussions


increase in physician and care team engagement


increase in quality review per case


increase in multidisciplinary cancer care team efficiency and coordination

Dive Deeper in OncoLens Care Foundation Modules

OncoLens Conference

  • Automatically identifies best practice protocols for the patient under discussion—including evidence-based guidelines, clinical trials, customized pathways, and latest research—and delivers these insights directly within the workflow
  • Eliminates the back and forth required with pathology and radiology by automating the data collection workflow
  • Streamlines administrative tasks, automatically marking and generating attendance reports required for accreditation
  • Prompts the team to consider the various quality metrics important to the condition being discussed
  • Drives in-network referrals to services provided within individual facilities (CAR-T therapies, radiation services, etc.)
  • Supports the development and dissemination of disease specific care pathways and protocols across your care network

OncoLens Collaborate

You’ve invested heavily in bringing the best to your cancer center including world-class specialists with lifesaving treatments.
OncoLens Collaborate enables asynchronous submission and case review and supports sharing of multiple modalities, including PACS studies, pathology images, and test results.
Secure, real-time patient case collaboration, inside and outside of your Oncology program, builds relationships that can:
  • Increase referrals by up to 50%
  • Improve physician engagement
  • More than double guideline adherence
  • Increase clinical trial participation

Securely Bringing It All Together

OncoLens Integrate, Secure SSO and Image Share ensure interoperability for multidisciplinary cancer care teams to perform at their peak with secure and comprehensive patient information. Together, these modules deliver actionable informatics, next level collaboration, and targeted clinical decision making.

Learn More About
Interoperability Modules

OncoLens Integrate

The Integrate module delivers EMR and Cancer Registry integration.
This unprecedented combination of clinical and cancer conference data supports ease of accreditation reporting for Commission on Cancer (CoC), National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC).
Commission on Cancer 100 anniversary logo
With EMR integration, cancer care teams have an all-inclusive view of a patient including clinical, lab, genomic and imaging information to support clinical decisions.

OncoLens’ EMR Solution is Proven,
Flexible and Compliant.

OncoLens’ EMR integration has exceeded my expectations. It has virtually eliminated redundant data entry, freeing up more time for multidisciplinary patient care.
— Hannah Acton, Tumor Board Coordinator
UK Markey Cancer Center

OncoLog and CRStar are among OncoLens’ cancer registry integration partners that deliver dramatic results. OncoLens’ NAACCR reports are compatible with most registry software.
Commission on Cancer 100 anniversary logo

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the Commission on Cancer (CoC) advocate for concurrent abstracting and more timely submissions, but cancer programs, specifically registry teams, struggle to find innovative ways to meet this demand.
Commission on Cancer 100 anniversary logo
OncoLens Integration customers can REDUCE CASE FINDING TIME BY AN AVERAGE OF 40%.

Ascension St. Thomas
More than 80%  of the new cancer cases imported into CRStar were “Ready to Abstract.”

OncoLens Secure SSO

OncoLens Secure SSO enables single sign on (SSO) capabilities through your active directory. SSO authentication is a clear win for clinicians.
Not only does it enhance security, it:
  • Facilitates technology adoption across clinicians
  • Streamlines the workflow
  • Supports and ensures compliance
  • Amplifies automation across systems
  • Helps improve clinicians’ perceptions of technology deployments and IT

OncoLens Image Share

One of the biggest barriers to multidisciplinary treatment planning is the ability to securely share radiology studies with peers and care team members. For cancer programs that require enhanced capabilities to upload, share, store, and comment on digital images, we offer OncoLens Image Share.
This module enables DICOM image imports from local drives, PACS, CDs, or through a direct gateway. Images are viewed through our web-based 510(k) FDA class II diagnostic viewer, which is fully integrated into the OncoLens Platform.

Rapid Access to Patient Informatics
and Accreditation

OncoLens’ Molecular and Analyze and Patient Finder modules drive comprehensive reporting, proprietary patient finder technology, and multidisciplinary reporting to shorten the accreditation and quality improvement path.
Cancer centers and care teams can now create their own unique database combining prior treatment recommendations and 3rd party recommendations including our partner Caris Life Sciences .

OncoLens Molecular

Easily engage molecular pathologists, specialists, and external experts to guide and inform precision medicine discussions. Genomic data from NGS (next generation sequencing) reports can often be hard to interpret and visualize clearly. OncoLens Molecular assists in the clearer visualization and assessment of genomic data, alongside the patient’s clinical data and studies.
With OncoLens Molecular, care teams can:
  • View integrated NGS test results in structured fields
  • Harness the power of their prior treatment plans and discussions to guide future decisions
  • View best practices and links to actionable therapies narrowed down by alteration/variant type
  • View clinical trial matches from OncoLens’ AI driven clinical trial matching engine or those suggested by NGS partners

OncoLens Analyze and Patient Finder

OncoLens Analyze and Patient Finder solutions help cancer programs find a shorter and more rapid path to accreditation, clinical trial matching and quality improvement.
Our accreditation solutions include standardized, automated, and downloadable reports for CoC, NAPBC and NAPRC accreditation.
Commission on Cancer 100 anniversary logo
This module gives you the visibility into key hidden metrics within your clinical data. Data that can be powerful when aggregated to provide insights. These include assessments of factors such as:
  • Time from diagnosis to case review
  • Percentage of patients with biomarker testing and results at the time of initial treatment planning
  • Number of patients referred to clinical trials
  • Time from case review and treatment planning to treatment initiation
  • Number of multidisciplinary team discussions during treatment
  • Number of patients referred to key services like CAR-T and specialty therapies

Building and Engaging Affiliate Cancer Care Networks

Learn how these cancer care leaders successfully build and engage affiliate cancer care networks in the communities that they serve with technology and OncoLens.
Chris Rhoades, MD
Dir. Clinical Operations & Community Engagement
The James Cancer Network
Christina Longnecker, JD, MBA, BSN, RN
VP, Oncology Services
Siteman Cancer Network
Laura Sample, MHA, FACHE
Oncology Network Administrator
MUSC Hollings Cancer Center
Timothy W. Mullett, MD, MBA, FACS
Medical Director
UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate and Research Networks
“We have really streamlined our clinical trial screening process, and we’ve been working with OncoLens to do that in an electronic platform that encourages our affiliates physicians to screen patients even before they see them, as a first visit. Physicians give us patient information in advance, and in turn we can inform them of available clinical trials. Patients will know that a trial is an option during the first visit.”
Dr. Chris Rhoades, Director Clinical Operations and Community Engagement
The James Cancer Network

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